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Installing on VISTA or WINDOWS 7?
When installing the demo or full version, save the mdb2000.exe file to your computer  and then RIGHT-CLICK and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR when installing it
                                                              upgrading on a vista/win7 ?   save the mdbupdate.exe file to your computer and then  RIGHT-CLICK and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR when installing it           
 How to MOVE the program and DATABASE from one computer to another  (you are required to have a paid license for each machine)

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Free BPM Software

DJ/Broadcast Series Support and download data files
(check out the links below for great monthly music series!)
TM Studios (was TM Century) | Top Hits/RPM | Promo Only | MMS | XMiX (new) | ERG Series USA and Canadian
Tech Support for exporting to or DJ Intelligence formats

Turning off Windows Vista UAC (user access controls)

Program requirements:
Requires Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and XP PROF
 or Win NT 4.5 or higher for fast 32 bit database access

Minimum 16 RAM and 25 Meg Hard Disk Space

Free CD Ripper software
The software above will take the songs from CD's (a process called "ripping")
and record them to your hard drive as MP3 files.  Then MDB2000 can catalog them all very easily!

REMEMBER to RIP them in STEREO and AT 320 BIT RATE for good quality!

NEW feature ready for testing!
Import MP3 data from your audio files from CD's or from Hard Drives into this database
Download the latest version of MDB2000 to test this new feature

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