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The Latest version is 2.323    Jan 18 2024

New subscription based updates coming at the end of March 2024 (on this page)

This will fix "PROGRAM EXPIRED or REGISTRATION REQUIRED messages on version 2.308 and earlier.
This update is required once a year due to piracy of the software.  Simply update below.

This also includes the latest update to TOP HITS USA importing format and PROMO ONLY format AND top hits M, MP and VH series June 3 2009

THIS update will upgrade your software to the latest version. It does not overwrite your database in any way.
Use this update if you have version 2.158 or later to get to the current version.

"Could not initialize Installation. File size expected = 7230701, size returned = 3452478 or another #"
Please choose open instead of save and that should fix any download errors 

1. Close out of any mdb2000 software at this time.

2. Download link
Click here to start installing the update    (approx 2MB) 

Anti-virus programs may require you to click MORE INFO or additional details before you can install the software
similar to these screens but this will help AUTHENTICATE our software is safe.

New computer users read below:

It does require that you currently have version 2.158 or higher to upgrade with this file.

How to find your current version number?

You can see the version # at the top of the screen when you start the program)

New to downloading?  Click here for instructions
(New download instructions do say a different filename than on this 
page..but downloading is all the same)

If you have an OLDER version prior to 2.158 (like 2.157 or 2.151 or 2.101)
for older versions, you need to upgrade with the full upgrade, then you can quick-update after that.
The larger file for software is found here

What's new in this version? (scroll down the page to view details)

Note: Some of the new functions are still under testing in this version

(see version# at the top of this page)

It will update DEMO and REGISTERED copies of the program

Trouble installing? Contact Us