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Older Revisions History

Recent History of fixes/enhancements/upgrades:

2.156	New Grid Update for the program.
	1. There is a new printing grid update.  If you get an error
	printing "Object not supported error 438 in line 310" then
	you need to click here for the gridupdate.exe that will
	update you to the latest grid used in printing.  After downloading
	it, just dbl-click to install it. EXIT MDB2000 first.
	2. A minor fix was done on the registration name at the top
	of the program (Thanks David) as it would append your registration
	info each time you went back to the main search grid.
2.155   New features ready for testing.  Exporting reports
 	to HTML (web pages!) and text exporting.
	We are testing a new section of the reports part of the
	software to export data to HTML or text files.  Please let
	us know how you like it.
	New Report Printing Format Option: We are testing a new
	checkbox on the reports screen that allows for more data
	to print in each column. Example: If the title is very long
	and you wish to see ALL of it, now you can check the box
	called "Columns show all data" and it will show all of the title
	by wrapping the text to the column below. Note: This new
	function still under testing.
	What is BETA you ask?  BETA means a certain function is still
	under testing and may have a few bugs until it works perfectly.
2.154a/b/c Attempts at fixing the grid where data would no display
	but the columns would say the correct names.  This seems to 
	be fixed and was due to a corrupted grid layout file.  After
	installing a new grid in the program, it seems to work fine.
	There may be a few settings I need to set yet at this point
	BUT it seems to fix the problem of no data under a few of
	the columns.  ALL the data in your database is still there.
2.154   Search Grid now has word-wrap.  Add Data manually fixed.
	1. If you want to see more of the data on the search grid PER COLUMN
	then on the left side- put your mouse cursor between the columns
	and click, then hold the mouse button down and DRAG the column
	to a larger size to display more data
	2. Add data was not adding ALL of the data when you typed in more
	than 300 characters.  Now you can add up to 32000 characters for
	categories labeled as MEMO. NOTE: You can NOT sort based on a MEMO
	field/category. MEMO is for advanced use only.	
2.153	Registration Screen Enhanced to make it easier.
2.152	Auto-CD eject while using CDDB is now stored as a favorite setting
	No need to re-enable it each time you run the program.
	Auto-Numbering of CD's using CDDB now remembers better the # you left
	off on when you closed the program.
2.151	Bug Fix: Does not allow new fields/categories with spaces on the end
	Users can't add a field with a space at the end of the field name when
	adding custom fields.  Fixed.
	Fixed a bug entering track times manually into the database.
2.150	Fixing multiple database support re-start after switching databases
	After you switched databases it made you exit the program 2 times and then
	it would run the new database.  This has been fixed to only one restart.
2.149   New features to the manual data entry page
	Now you can easily store the items you type all the time in a list.
	Just dbl-click the list to add that artist to your current entry.
	Saves even more typing!  
	This is the first test version of this new feature.
2.148	Big Enhancement: Multiple Database Support 
	Now ready for testing! 
	2.148a b & c are additional tests of this upgrade.
	Multiple database support.  
	Create or Copy a current mdb2000 database.
	Upgrade to this version ONLY if you need multiple database support OR
	to fix type mismatch error 13 message on add new songs page.
2.147	Fixed small cddb access error
2.146   Fixed small error in artist last-first name switch and
	fixed null error 94 in 6006
	when you are entering data from CDDB there is a button to 
	switch the artist to last-first name (it now works better)
	Null error 94 in 6006 was caused when people put text data
	into a number category or field (usually in ID field)
2.145	Small fix Error 76 in line 1 on CDDB access page:
	Simply add a colon after the CDROM letter or download this latest
2.144 	Added automatic disc ID generation for CDDB Internet database entries
	As a request from our clients.
2.143	Fixed a bug in the network backup/restore section of the program
	It was failing to make a backup from a network location.
	Fixed a small bug in the auto-open part of the CDROM when entering
	cd's using cddb.  Added a timer to the cddb section in case the 
	internet connection is running slow.  Fixed the CDROM section to 
	tell you when the drive is not ready.	
2.142b  Fixed cddb server to 
	as their website listed a new server to go to first.
	This version contains the server name on the top of the list
	when you start importing from CDDB 
	(earlier versions have the old server address WHICH you can 
	 just type in and it should work just fine.)
2.141-2	Has the latest CDDB server locations within the program
	In case your machine is sitting there saying "retrieving data"
	when you are using CDDB connection.  This way you can click on a new
	server name and go to a new location for the data.

2.140	Auto-Detects your 1st CDROM drive
	when using CDDB section for the first time.
2.139   Bug fixed in reading CDROM's that are multi-media based
	In other words, they have audio and data files on them.
	It would error 52 in line 5 when you get tracks. 
	This is now fixed not to error out and just to read the
	audio portion of the CDROM
2.138   Added a mass change/corrections part to the program
	Where you can mass change data easier.
	The first item is for changing ID's from 1 2 3 to 001 002 003
	to make printing and sorting them work better.
2.137a	Added a new Internet Control to the program
	This will be used in a future version to allow
	easy upgrades automatically from the Internet.
	We will start programming it soon.
2.137	Added ability to do reports on Album Title
	Without duplicates or listing all the tracks.  This has been as BIG
	request.  Just select ID and Album Title from the categories and then
	click the No Duplicates box and preview the results.
2.136	Added new backup function
	Now you can save backups to a network drive, floppy drive B, Zip Drive or
	other hard drive letter.
	Working on new versions of the Playlist function from the FILE
	menu on the search screen.  This is still under testing.	
2.132-133 Updates to CDDB importing routines
	Fixes some of the problems with reversing artist and title on some
2.131 BPM reports changes and ID# corrections
	When doing reports by BPM, you can now choose to limit to only
	the titles that have BPM > 0 see example report here
	When you use numeric ID's for your collection it sometimes sorts
	the data like 1 101 102 103...11 110   You can fix this by going
	to the setup menu and choosing special programs to fix this by
	setting the ID's all to the same length by adding zero's to the
	left of an item to make them sort much better.  Thanks to Joe Campbell
	for this version upgrade.
2.130a Ability to set the database location
      A new "remove all" for the search grid select categories screen (Ralph)
      On the CDDB match categories screen there is a new box showing your
           current matches when you go into the matching area. (Ralph)
2.129 (new version numbering system for other Internet download sites)
      *** NEW *** Track Times are now imported with CDDB
      Note:Remember that track times using CDDB are approximate and usually
      within 1-4 seconds of the actual track time printed on the CD.
      This is due to the algorithm used to determine the CD's Identification
      REMEMBER: To import track times you need to match you categories again
      in most cases for this function to work (if you want track times).            
2.01.28a Bug Fix CDDB
	When asking you if you want to be asked for 
	barcode or BPM or other category on the FIRST time you use
	CDDB data entry, It does not accept NO in all caps. Fixed to 
	allow any combination of responses in CAPS or lower case.
	Corrected. Thanks Ron for pointing this out.
2.01.28 2 column printing
	Now supports 2 column and 3 column printouts for your data!
	From the reports preview screen,
	(where it has the print preview button on it),
	choose the menu option called "Print Options"
	This feature is under final beta testing at this time.	
2.01.27d thru g CDDB improved.
	Allows for CD's with up to 99 tracks to be imported.
	Add EXT button stayed on after the CD was entered. Fixed.
	barcode field (for those that use it) was updated to ask
	"Enter barcode for entire CD".  (cosmetic fix)
	We are still working on some bar code duplicate errors in
	that may occur in this version.
2.01.27c Bug Fixed
	When a CDDB item was longer than the database allowed for
	it would re-ask the question without a box to put your answer.
2.01.27 CDDB import updates
	Handles titles that have commas much better.
	Added a section where if the CDDB entry had additional data
	in the EXT fields you could determine if the EXT fields 
	contained the ARTIST for a various artist CD.
	Added an ALBUM TITLE preview box and ARTIST preview box.		
2.01.26 PROMO-ONLY Database fix
	Import bug when import January and February discs would 
	not import correctly.  FIXED.  No duplicate entries any more.
2.01.25 misc small cosmetic fixes
2.01.24 CDDB update where if you have a "barcode" reader category
	that it will duplicate the barcode for the entire CD
2.01.23b Testing new import features for CDDB
	Now the CDDB import data section can ask you type of music,
	tempo, decade, BPM, and other questions AS YOU IMPORT A CD.
	There is also a repeat entry capability so if you enter a CD
	where they are ALL HITS, just add the * to your answer on the
	first question it asks for that category and it will import AND
	at the SAME time make all the songs HITS=YES for that CD.
	Promo Only section upgraded to link directly to our website for
	the latest track listings.	
2.01.22 Fixed the search by Tempo category
	When searching by Tempo it gave an error. This is fixed so you 
	can search for songs by tempo from the main search page.
2.01.21 Updated CDDB section
	When you specify your own ID for an item, it will warn 
	you if you have it set for "DO NOT IMPORT" under 
	match my categories. Thanks to Larry for this note.

2.01.20 Custom Search Updated
	Bug fixed where searching for top hits produced an error.  Fixed.

2.01.19 Promo Only Import section:
	Categories that the promo-only import that are not being used will
	be bypassed during the import rather than stop and cause an error
2.01.18 Fixed a small bug in the promo only import screen
	Where it would not allow any trial users to import any data
	Now it will allow up to 1500 songs to be imported into the database
	for TRIAL users.  Registered users can import ALL the data.
2.01.17 New DJ/Radio CD series 
	Final testing of the import feature of promo only DJ series
	Download this version and then click (above) for the promo only
	downloading instructions.
2.01.16 CDDB fixes. 
	Due to the many different ways data is in the CDDB internet 
	database, we wrote some more functions to help get the titles
	separated from the Artists. This supports 5 more types of entries
	from the CDDB.  In other will match up better on
	the various artist CD's than it used to.
2.01.15 Fixed a small bug in top-hits search section
	When you search for top hits under the Custom Search Form it
	created an error. This fix should correct that error.
2.01.13 & .14 Add songs bug fixed and CDDB button added to add songs page
	Add new songs area would error on a Top Hits Y/N category and that
	has been fixed.  It would error on decade category and allow only
	2 numbers (FIXED to allow up to 4 numbers).  This did work a 
	couple versions ago but we fixed it again.  Note: This is Year2000
	compliant software and has been for the last 2 years.
2.01.12 CDDB Updated
	Added a great idea from one of our users.  On the CDDB page
	it now warns you (optional) if you are entering a duplicate ID
	already in your database.  Cleaned up the CDDB screen a bit more.
	added new help to the CDDB Screen.  Added a link direct to the 
	website from startup page AND from the CDDB import HELP section.
	The column reports section is under final testing for printing
	3 records on the same line to save paper!  NEW SMALLER INSTALLATION!
	Fixed an error that occurs in a few prior versions where the 
	album title does not import when using CDDB. Fixed.
	Added other CDDB servers to connect to for faster service.
	RPM Top Hits USA changed their database outline.  To import RPM you will 
	Need this update to at least 2.01.10 to import top hits usa files.
2.01.09 Small update
	Fixed reporting section when you change field names or categories, it will warn you
	to delete and re-create the new report using your new categories listing.
2.01.08 CDDB bug fix
	In changing the database to allow for users to custom name each database
	category or "field", importing from CDDB had to "learn" your categories and
	this patch fixes the category matching section so that it works properly
	Versions 2.01.05 thru 2.01.07 have this error and you will need to do the 
	quick-upgrade version of musicdb.exe (above). It is a very fast and simple fix.
2.01.05-07 Minor Changes
	Added a DELETE button to the main search page for easy deleting of entries.
	and a few other minor changes.
2.01.04 Changes in the CDDB access section and RPM import section
	RPM Changes for importing tracks from 
		1. It now supports importing into your custom category(field) names
		   so if your song title category is named STitle it will still import
		2. It now uses an access database (downloaded from rpm) to make
		   data entry about 2-3 seconds per disk! Now that's fast!
	CDDB Changes:
		1. Supports importing into your custom category names
	New: We are working on a new REPORT section to export data to "comma" or TAB
		Delimited export files for those that want it.		
2.01.03 New Reports Section under testing
        We are re-designing the reports section to accomodate everyone naming 
        the categories whatever they like.  Download the quick upgrade version to test
	the new reports section out (above) if you have version 2.00.00 or higher.
	if you already have mdb2000 installed--You will need to UPGRADE to this version
	by choosing Upgrade version #1 on THIS PAGE.
	If you are using version 2.01.00 or higher version number then the quick upgrade
	version above will work fine (file is musicdb.exe) See Above for instructions.
	New Features:
		CDDB Internet Database Access (under it's final testing in this version)
		JUST insert your audio CD in the CD-ROM drive and it will go out on the
		internet and get the track listings!  SAVES TON'S OF TIME.
	Change the FONT sizes and COLORS of the search grid (main search page)
		grid along with the background COLORS.  Great for radio station control
		rooms and for laptops at nightclubs and DJ shows.
	You can sort on any of the search grid columns now.
	Add and delete your own fields. 
2.00.08 I think it's fixed now regarding adding new songs and the track # situation.
2.00.07 small bug in saving the track ID#.  Should be fixed.  Wasn't.
2.00.06 small bug in loading 2.00.05 over older databases.
2.00.05 YOU CAN now decide what fields and the order of them on the Search Grid.
        CDDB page is now visible and is available for simple testing.  Some of you
	asked where we were in regards to CDDB and this page shows what works and what
	is yet to program.
2.00.04 You can search on ANY column in the search grid now.
2.00.03 Small changes and started working on new EDIT screen
	Fixed a small bug in where fields that were numbers only
	allowed 2 characters to be entered on the ADD MUSIC screen.

2.00.02 February 19, 1999
     If you run into the error called frmMusic.load error   
	can't find or load vb5db.dll or any other .dll file then download the
        latest version to fix this.  Download the full version or upgrade version again.
	This should fix the vb5 and other installation errors.

2.00.01 Created February 10, 1999
     This will update your versions all the way from 1.81 to current version.
     Download the UPGRADE VERSION HERE (It will NOT overwrite your database)
     Remember to make a backup copy of the database first.
     UPGRADE is 5.6 MEGABYTES IN SIZE.  or $5.00 on CDROM by phone 1-651-454-1124 ext.13
     or just send the $5.00 to All Time Favorites/MDB2000 PO box 21145 Eagan MN 55121

     Features new fields and many enhancements over the prior versions. Hundreds of 
     users requested ability to add/delete fields!  You can now Add your own 
     fields and delete the ones you don't like.

     Installation now created on CD-ROM for easy installation of software!
     Importing Routines written for PROMO ONLY and RPM CD Series.  These are ready
     for testing by users.
1.94e November 25, 1998
	Testing a new version to choose data you want on the search grid and
	choose the widths of the columns (it will save them now).
	Now has the ability to re-size the grid to make it wider for 800x600 screens
	Thanks to our customers for these great ideas!

1.94d October 26, 1998 10:45 PM CST (Central Standard Daylight Savings Time)
	We fixed a CORRUPT installation error due to uploading the file on the internet
	and onto floppies with a small file corrupted.  Fixed the bad file
	without hurting anyone's computers.  Uploaded a new version that should
	work fine.  Re-Sending floppy disk orders over the last 7 days.

1.94a October 22, 1998 01:00 AM CST
	RPM top hits usa IMPORTING function works.
	Misc. Small errors fixed.

1.92e August 14, 1998, 7:00 PM CST New Sorting on main screen
	Sort easily by clicking the name of column on the main
        screen.  Thanks Ralph!
1.92d July 30, 1998, 6:00 PM CST CRP32.DLL RE-fixed

1.92a-d July 23, 1998, 6:00 PM CRP32.DLL FIXED 
        Some installations had problems printing reports.
	For those that have this error, they need to download the
        FULL VERSION on the home page to fix this 
1.91 June 8th 1998, 8:00 AM New Reports Section 
        1. Added favorite search items to the Custom Search Page
           This allows for you to save your favorite custom searches
           for future "quick" lookup.

1.90 New Report Files June 7, 11:00 PM PM CST  1.90 users only
	1. Just save the files below for NEW reports
	   Save them where you have mdb2000 installed.
	   DON'T dbl-click to save.  Choose save as with your right
	   mouse button or whatever you do to save file as for these
	   new reports below.
	2. rpt9.txt and rpt9.rpt Prints J-Cards for CD-Jewel Case
	3. rpt10.txt and rpt10.rpt Prints J-Cards for Cassettes

1.90 June 6, 1998 12:00 PM CST Major Program Changes.
	1.Overwhelming requests for a new search screen on 
	  the main search page.  
	  Completely re-designed the Main Search Page.
	2.Many suggestions on being able to customize the screen
	  using keyboard commands was too difficult for most users.
	  So we discarded the customization part.  If you need 
	  special fields-Just call or e-mail us.
	3.Formatted the new database file in access 7.0 
	  (access '97) so that some users can write their 
	  own reports in access 97. Still reads access 2.0 databases
	4.Had a lot of requests (over 100) for ability to 
	  print J-Cards and CD-Cards. It does this now.

1.81 May 4, 1998 6:36 PM CST 
	Couple of new ideas:
	1. Added Year Search to first screen that comes up. 
		(Thanks Ralph!)
	2. Added some help to display on 1st screen for new users.

1.80d April 23, 1998 11:25 AM CST (Expired trial fixed)

1.80c April 20, 1998 01:00 PM CST (Expired trial not fixed after all)
	Bug in the time-lock key compiler caused some versions 
	to expire the first time they were run....sorry about that
	(We just tried a new time-lock based on 30 days of actual
	 use by a user rather than just by the calendar first date
	 of use).
	Bug in 1st time installing would cause a General Protection
	Fault. We think this has been fixed at this time.

1.80b April 15, 1998
New quick.txt file for quick reports (new format) 
This new quick reports file will allow you to limit 
your selection of data for a report to a specific type 
of music. 
Requires latest version of musicdb.exe (at top of this page) 
Microsoft Word would not find the report file if the program 
	was installed in \program files folder. Fixed bug.
A few Help Sections were updated to read a little better.
A few new report templates were added.

1.80 Upgrade and Trial Version Released for current users and 
	trial users both April 12, 1998 1.80 released 10:00 AM

1.0 through 1.77 were released since January 1996 and the data 
has been archived as it is outdated.
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