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Walt Disney World is a client of MDB2000
Radio Indigo in Bangalor, India uses MDB2000 
Sirius Satellite Radio NYC uses MDB2000 for over 100 stations

Over 12000 world-wide clients and over 200 downloads per day make this very popular software

I started using MDB 2000 in January of 2006.  I now have 22,600 songs in  it.  I don't know where my roadshow would be without it.  This software is rock solid, never locks up, and delivers answers to every query at lightning speed.  It has saved me hundreds of hours of manual entry.  Just 2 weeks ago, I did a 25th reunion for an area High School.  I asked for the songs from 1982, 83, 84, and 85.  Printed them by year and came up with 978 selections.  Then I highlighted the biggest hits.  Needless to say, the show was a huge success.  I would recommend it to anyone who needs to manage large amounts of info. 
Thanks, MDB 2000! Chet Kelley / Owner / The Chet Kelley Sound Co. Buffalo NY

I had been working for months to create a functional music data base for my mobile DJ company. That meant spending hour after hour manually entering every song I own into my computer. A good friend and fellow DJ told me about MDB2000 and to this day and over 2,000 CDs later...there has NEVER been a glitch in the system. Every CD I load has appeared from their database and now I have the capability of carrying my laptop into a party and saying "Yes, I do have that song and I will get it on for you just as soon as I can." Thank you MDB2000. 
You have saved me from weeks of boring work and tired fingers. A++++ - Ron Boehler

"My name is Glenn Miller, I am the CEO of the United States Online Disc Jockey Association. I do not normally comment on products. But in this case I must. MDB 2000 is a great program! I spent over 10 years doing my databases by hand. In recent years I have used music subscription services like Multi Music in Canada and Promo Only. Neither databases can be put together, and editing them together is a nightmare. Multi Music until recently only provided their updates on a cd, which was not editable.

Printing of books, was long, consuming, and costly depending on the size of the library. With MDB 2000, in less than 5 minutes I had my entire database sorted out on my computer. In another 5 I had it set up on my laptop! No more books, quick search, and if you have your own CD's it only takes seconds to load!

It is so easy to use, my 15 year old son is now using it. 

This is a great product, I highly recommend its use, and you can save a few trees by dropping this baby onto any laptop and taking it to your party! The laptop we are using is an old IBM Thinkpad, and it searches flawlessly!

Glenn Miller
Year 2000 Winner, American DJ Awards - Industry Service Award
Professional DJ For 25 Years
Canada's First Licensed MP3 DJ
CEO - United States Online Disc Jockey Association
Founder Of Canada's Largest DJ Association (C.O.D.J.A.)

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You have been very helpful on the several occasions I have spoken with you
by phone. Due to macular degeneration, I have low vision. You have helped
me accommodate this by enhancing the "manual" entry feature of MD2000 to
provide large fonts. Thank you for this. Thomas D. Brown


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MDB2000 will be helping program over 100 radio stations at the same time
for Sirius Satellite Radio in New York 
Sirius Satellite Radio
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Another great radio station using our software
These guys love our software!

Trans World Radio (over 200 stations world-wide)
Our client is in Australia using MDB2000

August 9 2002
Michael F. from Minnesota says:
I purchased MDB2000 to manage a rather large collection of CD's that I use as a worship pastor of a church. I had tried a couple of other database options before "running into" MDB on the internet.
Your features, speed, and capabilities out do the other programs I had seen by a long shot.
The program is fast and runs well. I think I have only crashed one or two times.
The only problem I have run into regards the program switching an apostrophe (') to a double quote (") when doing a search. This is an anoying little bug, but as I said earlier, the program runs so smoothly
otherwise that this bug hasn't been a problem. The issue comes up when I search for a title with an apostrophe--like "You'll never walk alone". The search will come up with no results and will show that it had searched for You"ll never walk alone. My workaround is to just search for "never walk alone" and avoid apostrophes in the search.
Note: This bug has been fixed to allow searches like this
I encourage you to keep developing this program. The feature capabilities for DJ's are impressive. I loved the way I could catalog my entire collection in a matter of hours rather than days. Now I'm waiting for a 400 disk CD player that can interface with my computer and the program. :-) Keep up the good work and keep the program going. If you do have a fix
for my little bug, I'd love to hear about it.  (Fixed)

NEW! - Test our new add-in which can search your
hard-drive or CD's for MP3's or APE audio format files - click here for more information

Jan 21 2002
My name is Joel Sullivan and I am a disc jockey. 
I just wanted to let all of you know that the MDB 2000 program is 
the best investment I have ever made. It makes looking for songs a breeze. 
It is very easy to operate for someone who doesn't know how to run 
a computer very well and it is also easy to update and maintain the database. 
Entering your music collection couldn't get any easier. 
The program does all the work for you. 
Thank you very much and keep up the good work.-Joel.

"Your software is the GREATEST"-DJ/Johnny Draper - Nov 29 2001

Date Thu, 2 Aug 2001
Hi, What a timesaver! I always wanted to have a database featuring the CD's I have in my collection. This database is awesome.. I was able to get a listing of every song on each of 450 CD's in a 6 hour time period. That is great. I was using Microsoft works but this better by far. I will make this my primary database. I am a mobile DJ and take the laptop with me to access the song listing on the job. Makes requests easy to handle.
- Leonard Borkon - Lenny & The Groove Machine


Don't wait...this really is cool software!