How to re-install the software after a computer crash and you have the 
data on a backup disk or drive.

1. Copy all the data from your backup disk to the folder you wish to re-install the
    software to (example copy from your Flash Drive to c:\program files\mdb2000 or c:\program files(x86)\mdb2000 on win 7 and vista)
    You may have to create the mdb2000 folder on your new computer
    IF you are copying from a CDROM: After you copy the files to the new folder
    then click EDIT  and SELECT ALL the files then right-click and un-check 
    READ ONLY box.
2. Install the mdb2000 software from your CDROM or from our website at  (just download the full demo version) 
     ON WINDOWS 7 or VISTA make sure you download it and then RIGHT-MOUSE-CLICK run as ADMINISTRATOR
3. It should work fine at this point.   WIN 7 and VISTA needs to be right-clicked and run as admin to run the program.

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