How to install the Network version of Music Database 2000
Updated March 1 2002

FIRST: Print this for easy reference.

1. Install the software on the network computer by downloading the latest demo copy OR installing from the CDROM copy (if you ordered one)

2. Make sure you then download the latest version of the software from our website from our support page    This is the latest version.

3. Where is the database going to be located?  (which machine?)
a. If you only want to store the data on a server machine but do NOT want to run mdb2000 from that machine, then create a folder to place the data file into on that machine. Make sure that folder has full permissions (read/write by anyone).  Then install the database file (usually music.mdb located on the machine where you have mdb2000 installed on). Copy that file to the server location.
b. If you are going to RUN mdb2000 on your server machine, then install mdb2000 and then install the quick-update (as in #2 above) on the server machine.  Then go to step #4 below.

5. On each "client" computer that you want to access the data on the server, install the software on each client computer.  Then install the quick-update (see #2).  
(note to computer techies: You can use UNC's or \\server\c\data locations or mapped drive letters to access this server database.)  

6. Enter your registration information and unlock or registration code.

7. Run the program.  It will come up with the DEMO data (about 700-1000 songs that came with the software).

8. Choose FILE from the menu and then choose OPEN another mdb2000 database.

9. Search for the music.mdb file located on your server USUALLY under the program files\mdb2000 folder and select it as your database.

10. Re-start the program and you are now using the server's database.

11. You can repeat steps 5-10 for each client computer you have to network many computers.  Remember you need to pay for a license to use it on each one that accesses the data.   

For more help email us what the problem is or call for support here  

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