Create a new report that looks like this

Then Click Preview Results to get the bottom grid to display.
Adjust the columns the way you want them.


Select 2 or 3 column printout from above menu

Enter 2 or 3 for # of columns

Choose NO to not allow duplicated data

If you type a field in the box like song_title  or Album_Title it
MUST MATCH exactly a field used in the report and then the program will check for that data within the report results and only print data with that information ONE TIME.  So if you limit the data to Song Title and you have a title called Love Me it will only print it ONE TIME and WILL NOT print other titles that contain LOVE ME (this is a small drawback).

The other option is to not duplicate a complete entry based on exact match.

You may have to experiment to get the best result for your purpose.
Column widths do play a part on how much is matched up.

This function is only available in version 2.167 or higher version of MDB2000 Software

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